Bunkerhill brings AI algorithms, built by researchers across the world, to the clinic

Access AI algorithms built by research powerhouses

You’ve built an algorithm 
that can help patients. Now what?

The gap between great ideas and implementable solutions is confusing and expensive.

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We streamline the validation process and help hospitals deploy AI suites at scale

Researchers at leading academic medical centers work with each other within the Bunkerhill Consortium to build innovative AI algorithms. Once approved, Bunkerhill distributes them to health systems.

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Researchers are creating lifesaving algorithms every day, but they lack the data to validate them.

Training & Validation

Blanket agreements with Bunkerhill Consortium institutions facilitate collaboration and data-sharing at no cost.

Regulatory Clearance

Bunkerhill fronts the cost of regulatory approval and guides AI solutions through the process.


Bunkerhill handles negotiations and licensing agreements with best-in-class hospitals.


Passive revenue is shared with the research team, their affiliated institutions, and training institutions.

Fueled by research teams from 20+ top institutions

Bunkerhill’s collaborative bubble harnesses top medical institutions. See if yours is on the list.

How a team of Stanford researchers <text-span>brought an algorithm<text-span> to over <text-span>300 hospitals<text-span>

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Integrated solutions to drive improved care and higher revenue

Our suites of algorithms will improve point of care across specialties while improving the bottom line. Bunkerhill’s researchers are working behind the scenes to get even more ready for prime time.

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Deployed by 300+ leading hospitals, and counting

We’re trusted to improve clinical outcomes and catapult practice into the AI age